Hello, I’m Shelissa with Ebony By Design, I am a self-taught artist located in Denver, Colorado. I have always had a passion for art and started painting as a hobby and to sell to close family and friends over twenty years ago with my sister. Although it was something I loved and found calming to my soul undoubtedly, life gets in the way and I have had many off and on again relationships with my art love affair. I dabbled in Acrylics and focused mainly on abstract pieces for years. However, I have most recently come to understand that my true excitement is a mixture of acrylic and alcohol ink as well as mixed media. I find it unbelievably satisfying to create and breathe fresh life into a new piece of art from articles some may have discarded as trash. I love what art can do to a space, it can re-invent an environment, add character and even claim a genre in the interior design world. How can my art speak to you, and the real question is: What do you want your art to say about your space?

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